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Pascal Hertleif


Hi, I’m Pascal Hertleif

Rust programmers like compiler errors

error[E0507]: cannot move out of borrowed content
   --> src/
126 |         if let Some(code) = diagnostic.code {
    |                     ----    ^^^^^^^^^^ cannot move out of borrowed content
    |                     |
    |                     hint: to prevent move, use `ref code` or `ref mut code`


Rust is all about compile-time checks

But also: Rust’s errors are pretty and helpful

Warnings, too

  • Lints
  • Prevent errors
  • Examples
    • unused Results or Iterators
    • Missing docs


It looks like you’re enjoying errors. Would you like some more?

  • 208 lints written by the community
  • Find common bugs
    • For example: if_same_then_else

Lints as a teaching tool

iter.filter(|x| x == 0).next()

Did you know about iter.find(|x| x == 0)?

if !m.contains_key(&k) { m.insert(k, v) }

Have you heard the good news about the Entry API?


  • Learn new APIs when you are almost using them
  • Each clippy lint is documented with examples

Making this interactive


error: this range is empty so this for loop will never run
   --> $DIR/
148 |     for i in 10..0 {
    |              ^^^^^
    = note: `-D reverse-range-loop` implied by `-D warnings`
help: consider using the following if you are attempting to iterate over this range in reverse
148 |     for i in (0..10).rev() {
    |              ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Why fix it yourself?

I’m sold. These suggestions are great. But…

  • don’t make me type
  • don’t make me wait
  • just fix my code already

Presenting: rustfix

It’s already there

No magic! Just:

  • Take existing errors
  • Parse the compiler output (JSON)
  • Apply suggestions (search & replace)

Make it interactive (1)

rustfix as CLI tool is interactive

  • for each error (that has a suggestion) it
    • shows you the error and the fix(es)
    • asks what you want to do
    • fixes your code

Make it interactive (2)

You need to manually call the CLI tool

You do that after working on the code

We can do better

Fixes via IDE


  • Rust Language Server exposes warnings and suggestions
  • VSCode plugin can already apply fixes


Laptop didn’t work?

Totally saw that coming.

– Past Me

Deep dive!

How does this work?

  • Compiler plugin
  • Find nodes and items of interest
  • ‘Annotate’ spans of code
  • Compiler generates human/JSON output

What is auto-fixable?

  • A lot!
  • Do we need to make a list?
  • Rust PR #47540 adds flag for “approximate suggestions”
  • rustfix-like tools will use this in the future
  • UPDATE Merged! 🎉


You can contribute lints and suggestions!

Search for “Rust Clippy” or go to

There are a lot of issues labelled good first issue

You get to call yourself a compiler hacker!

Any questions?


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